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"I wanted to drop a quick note about Ursula and the great job she did with our recent shipment. In this case she delivered better than expected results! We expected our shipment on Friday but will be receiving it a day sooner. We already had a number of delays through the manufacturing process that have really set us back so it is extremely helpful to gain time on this project. One day makes a big difference at this point with this project. We will be able to inspect the product and get it merchandised quickly and send feedback to our vendors in order to plan our next shipment."

LTL or less than truckload. We have you covered. We can navigate you through the challenging world of Class, weights, dims, volume LTL and common carriers. We can provide you with a web based application for all your transactional LTL. In addition, we have the solution for your volume LTL, from 4 pallets and up. You can access your rates instantly from anywhere. We can also provide with a powerful TMS solution and help drive your costs down using our market leverage as well as setting up pool distribution and using our load optimization tools.


  • Shipping non-hazardous, palletized freight. Must be 48'" x 48" or less and less than 2000 lbs per pallet.
  • Shipping hard to rate “tweeners” that are too big for common carriers and too small to pay a full truckload price.
  • Mixed freight pallets.
  • Single source for all of your paperwork as well as questions, problems etc.
  • Manifest billing. Instead of multiple bills each week, we will present you with one bills and all the information you need.)
  • One tariff. Making it easier to figure out your rates. A great tool for the salesmen.
  • We handle all claims on your behalf.
  • A single site for all tracking and tracing questions, plus the knowledge that someone
  • On your behalf is watching the shipments. We track and trace each day and alert you to any problems before your customer does.
  • No monthly charges.


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