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About Jillamy

Co-owners, Chris Kiefer and Ted Kuriger, were looking to build a dependable transportation company with an exciting and family-oriented culture. Combining both of their wives’ names, Jill and Amy, they founded the Jillamy company with the vision to create a full-service freight forwarding solution for their clients.

Starting as an intermodal marketing company (IMC), Jillamy quickly grew into a full service 3rd party logistics provider with expertise in International Freight, Intermodal, LTL, Consolidation, Over the Road Truckload, Partials, Expedited and Air Freight. Jillamy is now the largest transportation logistics partner within the MODE Transportation Network.

With the recent additions of AM Transportation & Provident Marketing; Jillamy has the ability to manage your freight from point of origin to final destination and provide whatever services are needed in-between.

Jillamy is the solution to all your transportation and supply chain management problems because when ship happens… we deliver.

Jillamy TimeLine

  • And so it begins... 2001

    Jillamy Inc. was Founded by Chris Kiefer and Ted Kuriger

  • Movin' on up! 2004

    So long pop-up tables and folding chairs! Jillamy moved from our modest Pipersville, PA location to our more spacious and accomidating Chalfont, PA Headquaters

  • Look out comes Jillamy! 2010

    Jillamy International Division begins operations

  • The Great Jillamy Expansion Begins! 2012

    Westward Bound! Jillamy expands its reach opening offices in Bridgeville, PA & Denver, CO

  • Southern Fried Jillamy! 2013

    As our business grew, so did our desire for good chicken...Jillamy Charlotte, NC is born.

  • So, we had a an idea...2013

    After realizing everyone couldn't/didnt need to fill a whole 53' truck Jillamy introduced our Palletrater consolidation service.

  • More Home Cooking In PA! 2014

    Fun Fact: In 1752 Ben Franklin flew a kite that was struck by lightning in what is now Trevose PA! Our Trevose office opened 262 years later.

  • California Dreaming! 2015

    Ready for our big break, Jillamy opens our City of Industry, CA office.

  • Going West Again!2016

    Livermore, CA and Memphis, TN offices opened 2016

  • New York State of Mind... 2017

    Brewster, NY office opened 2017...and moved to Morristown NJ in 2018

  • Deep in the Heart of Texas! 2018

    McAllen, TX office opened 2018

  •'s the magic number 2019

    Bentonville, AR, Coraopolis, PA and Mission, TX offices opened 2019

  • Welcome to the Club! 2019

    Jillamy aquires Am Transportation & Provident Marketing making us a 5 tool player in logistics

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100 Stewart Lane
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P: (800) 592-7449


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About Us

Jillamy was founded in 2001 and is currently the largest agency within the MODE Transportation Network.

Jillamy started as an intermodal marketing company (IMC); we have quickly grown into a full service 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider with expertise in International, Intermodal, LTL, Over the Road Truckload, Partials, Liquid Bulk, Expedited and Air Freight.

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